Guest House Makotoge|Dormitory/Hostel in Aso, Kumamoto

617-14 Sakanashi, Ichinomiyamachi, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
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Payable by a credit card!

Facility information
We have a shared kitchen available. You can enjoy cooking together with other guests. We have pots, cooking devices, kettle, and plates for cooking, and detergent are available for free.

IH cooking heater, electric microwave, toaster oven, kettle, rice cooker, and refrigerator
■Accesories in kitchen
Pot, frying pan, knife, chopping board, bowl, strainer, seasoning, chopsticks, spoons, forks, long chopsticks for serving, ladle, spatula, detergent, sponge, scrubbing sponge, cloth, wrap, aluminum foil, trash bag, etc.
■Plates, etc. (available for all guests)
Plates, rice bowl, teacup, tea pot, coffee cup, fork, spoon, chostick, etc.
IH cooking heater
Electric microwave
Toaster oven
Refrigerator for guests
Pot/Frying pan
Cooking device
Plates, etc. (for all guests)
Dish washer/dryer
Wrap/Aluminum foil
Tea/Coffee for free
We can prepare for your cooking ingredients such as BBQ.
(For a charge)
Please let us know by the day before your reservation date. Please understand we may not be able to prepare ingredients you wish due to seasonal reasons.
We respond to your requests such as "We want to eat red beef!", "We want to eat raw horse meat!", and "We want to eat spicy lotus!"
Our guests can have meals at
our affiliated restaurant "Mingei Shuzo Santouka". (For a charge)
Our affiliated restaurant "Mingei Shuzo Santouka" serves local seafood in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture, red beef in Aso, and raw horse meat as Kumamoto's specialty with reasonable price. Feel free to have our meals.
Mingei Shuzo Santouka火
1951 Miyachi, Ichinomiyacho, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, 869-2612
>>See Facebook of Mingei Shuzo Santouka.
Shared space



Japanese room



Shoe box

60 inch TV
bathroom and toilet
We have shared and private bathrooms. (We have rooms without private bathroom available.) Feel free to use shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Toilet with bidet functions available,

■Free accesories in bathroom
Bathtub, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, soap, hair dryer, comb, hair brush
■Free accesories in toilet
Toilet with bidet functions, toilet paper
■Accesories with a charge
Toothbrush 108 yen (tax included)
Shaving 108 yen(tax included)
Small towel 108 yen(tax included)
Bath towel 216 yen(tax included)
Hair dryer
Toilet with bidet functions
Toilet paper
Hair brush
Toothbrush 108 yen
(tax included)
Shaving 108 yen
(tax included)
Small towel 108 yen
(tax included)
Bath towel 216 yen
(tax included)
Space for washing face

Lavatory/Washing machine
Lavatory space has a washing machine and a sink.
Feel free to use them.

Washing machine, detergent, shared sink (2 locations),
hand soap, soap

10 parking space
We have a parking lot, wood deck, and doghouse outside.
Feel free to use them.

Wood deck

Our vehicle to pick you up is MITSUBISHI i-MiEV.
We will pick you up for free in the whole of Aso City!

3 bicles for rent
(For a charhe: 1000 yen/1 bicycle for a day)
※We can prvide you with the information on rental bicycles.

Vending machine