Guest House Makotoge|Dormitory/Hostel, Aso in Kumamoto

617-14 Sakanashi, Ichinomiyamachi, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
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Sightseeing information
Sightseeing in Aso is not only bears and Aso crater.
Why don't you stroll countryside in Aso where you can conatct with local people?
You can leisurely enjoy strolling! A tour of historical spots in Sakanashi posting station.

Sakanashi District where Makotoge is located is the third posting station on the Hougo main road from the castle town Kumamoto, once called as Higokoku, and used to be called as "Sakanashishuku". An image prospering as a posting station until the beginning of Showa Eara has been still remained, providing charming scenery and healing to pedestrians. This is a historical town with attractiveness which Tadataka Ino, Ryoma Sakamoto, and Kaishu Katsu walked through.

Posting station street and store name
On the street, there used to have residential houses along lights staying on all night, taverns with more than 50 store names, flop houses, brewery, kimono fabric and its accesories, pharmacy, wholesalers, and doctors.

Tenjinbashi (Cultural property designated by town)
This bridge took 3 years to complete and was built in 1847 by a stone cutter master, Usuke in Yashiro District, Toyo village, including 72 workers. This bridge was remained fine by the severe flood damage in 1990.

This temple was founded by Jyoen in 1602 as a branch temple of Shin Buddhism Honganji. This temple is the sect of head temple and the second generation of Keisen as Shin Buddhism Otani Sect Higashihonganji to the present. In the administration of a clan, this temple strived for education by opening private elementary schools and private cram schools.

Waterway, water wheel
In the gutter on the posting station street except in the season when having water flow into fields near the posting station town, clean water gushing from a mountain flows. Residents used to do laundry and wash vegetables with this water in the past. Rotating water wheel can give an atmosphere of posting station town.

Koga no taki
The waterfall in front is onna taki(100m), and the one on the left is otoko taki (90m). These waterfalls changes expressions due to cold weather and the increase of ice level. Once the cold weather is over, pay attention to iciles which may fall down. The promenade and the observatory are provided.

This is the most difficult part of Hogo main road with 220m in the difference of altitude. It has been said that all the 3km of Takimurozaka was used to be made of stone pavement; however, some part of stone pavement has been remained with recollection in the past.
Travel guide
Travel guides intorduces you to historical spots remained in Sakanashi posting station.
Public office in Sakanashi introduces you to historical spots in Sakanashi posting station.
Please reverve with the travel guide office by a week before a date you want to use a guide.
Fee 500 yen for 30 min. (Up to 1 to 10 people, 500 yen added for another 30 min.)

Contact: Kimura Tofu (Travel guide office) TEL:0967-22-0372
A photo website showing you the history and the present of Sakanashi
This is a website showing you the history, historical spots in Sakanashi, the realtime temperature information and current local information, and Koga no taki waterfall live
, and other past and present information on Sakanashi.

We are permitted to borrow images of historical spots and groumet from this website.
Thank you very much!

Website of Sakanashisyuku, Hogo main road
Soba noodle, tofu, meat, manjyu buns with sweet beans, shochu! Recommended groumet in Sakanashi!
1435-1 Sakanashi, ichinomiyamachi, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
9:00~18:00(Direct sales store)
11:00~16:00(Soba noodle place)
30 parking spaces No regular holidays
Meibutsu Edomae Nihachisoba Noodle. You can enjoy various pickled vegetables including Takana pickles. We recommend Tairasuigen produced in the neighborhood.

This is a direct sales store of "Shiga Shokuhin" , known as the founder of Aso Takana pickles. We produce and sell pickled vegetables including Aso Takana pickles and Japanese fancy goods, and serve soba noodles. We serve genuine Edomae Nihachi soba noodles. This district is blessed with delicious water from Tairasuigen, and soba nooldes made with this delicious water has thick flavor. Feel free to enjoy our soba noodles going down smoothly. Our meals come with all-you-can-eeat pickles produced in our own factory. Feel free to relax by strolling Tairasuigen in Ubu after enjoying your meal.

Most popular "Zaru soba noodle"

Various pickles are lined up.

Appearance of Ubuan

Tairasuigen in Ubu located to close by.

Kimura Tofu
2415-2 Sakanashi, Ichinomiyamachi, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
7 parking spaces No scheduled holidays
We serve tofu with sweetness and thickness made of beans in Kumamoto and infiltration water of Takimuro. We also serve unique tofu such as Wasabi tofu.

We serve tofu with sweetness and thickness made of beans in Kumamoto and infiltration water of Takimuro.
Among our specialties, tofu made of beans in Aso is exceptional. We serve tofu served cold, shiso tofu, yuzu tofu, and black sesame tofu. Ginger tofu and wasabi tofu as seasonal tofu are also very popular. We also recommend our cheesecake with soy milk and soy milk mousse light on the sweetness. We have a relax space so that you can enjoy eating what you buy here.


Age, and others

Tofu sweets

Appearance of Kimura Tofu

2957 Sakanashi, Ichinomiyamachi, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Popular but rare shochu are arrived! The limited shochu available only here, "Sakanashi Shukuba", is perfect for your souvenir.

"Terasawa" is a discout shop for fresh produce and sake. We sell substantial sake, wine, and shochu from various brands, and refined sake. Our limited and original shochu, "Sakanashi Shukuba", in a ceramics is perfect for your souvenir. We can borrow draft beer servers for customers who want to enjoy BBQ with beer.

Limited shochu, "Sakanashi Shukuba"

Popular but rare shochu

Appearance of Terasawa

Friendly staff

Goto Manjyu
1523-1 Sakanashi, Ichinomiyamachi, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Open on Sundays
Parking available Closed on Wednesday
Traditional amazake manjyu without using preservative. Our unique manjyu such as takana and kinpira are also popular.

Handmade amazake manjyu made in the traditional manner has a tradiional flavor made by selective flour and red beans grown domestically, and by fermenting amazake kouji taken over from the past. We sell unique manjyu including standard manjyu with homemade sweet red bearns, Aso takana, and kinpira which you can taste only here with us. Our manjyu are very healthy and safe because they do not contain preservatives and additives. We have a cafe space with great scenery from our windows.

various types of manjyu

Ohagi set

Fresh local produces directly sold here

Appearance of Goto Manjyu

1400-1 Sakanashi, Ichinomiyamachi, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Lunch served, Open on Sundays
Seats available for 70 customers
You can enjoy "Akaushi (red beef)" grown in our own ranch with a reasonable price! We recommend our hormone stew.

"Yokayokatei" servs BBQ, local cuisine (others), and steaks. We offer "Akaushi (red beef)" grown in our own ranch with a reasonable price as a restaurant directly connected with a butcher. We are surrounded by the nature with great location so that you can enjoy our meals in our spacious restaurant. We also serve daily service menu on weekdays.

Akaushi steak

Akaushi hamburger steak

Hormone stew

Appearance of Yokayokatei

We recommend bicycles for rent for strolling!
Makotoge has a rentalservice for bicyles convenient for strolling.
Feel free to use our rental service! Rental bicycle (for charge: 1000 yen/1 bicycle for a day)
※We also offer rental bicycles in Aso City.
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